Semanya, a cozy Indian brand run by a mother-daughter duo from Uttarakhand. Their heartwarming story deserved a spot on the web, and amid life's hustle, this project became a three-month companion. Juggling work and time, it's seen more of me than anyone. It's not just a project; it's a journey close to the heart.


Chapter 1

During our intial conversations, we tried to list down the challenges for the project.

Simplify product updates for owners by choosing a platform for effortless inventory management. Refresh the brand's appearance to align with modern web design trends, incorporating familiar e-commerce app patterns to eliminate the learning curve. Utilize cloth patterns and internal images as references to craft a visually cohesive and appealing ai images.

Immersed in research to understand the evolution of the Semanya brand.

Streamlined aesthetics through a carefully curated mood board.

Opted for Shopify for website maintenance, leveraging its simplified inventory management.

Employed Dalle and Midjounery for UI replication, enhancing visual appeal and coherence.

We aimed for a breezy, vibrant vibe. It's all about an effortless, bright look – simple, professional, and totally easy on the eyes!

'Hmm' to 'Va-Va-Voom'!"

AI-generated images played a significant role in maintaining the authenticity of our clothing line. From capturing the essence of each fabric to creating a polished, professional look, these AI images transformed our visual presentation, turning it into a virtual professional photoshoot.

We aimed for a clean, elegant design with sharp borders and pops of bright colors, complementing the varied hues of our fabrics. Shopify posed customization challenges, but with a touch of me and ChatGPT, we cracked the CSS code for a seamless and visually stunning website.

Tackling Shopify with Elegance and Vibrancy

India's narrative

Woven Stories

Sneak-a-Peek Saga

The website has been handed over to our client, who is currently experimenting with visuals. Although live, the site isn't accessible to users as final adjustments are underway. For a sneak peek, we're sharing design snippets that showcase the ongoing experimentation. Stay tuned for the official launch!

Embracing a mobile-first strategy, we opted for horizontal alignment of category cards. This allows for easy side-scrolling, a mobile-friendly navigation choice. Moreover, a glimpse of the next card is visible on every screen, signaling users about the convenient horizontal scroll.

Our carousel keeps it simple with AI-generated images conveying peace, smiles, and happiness. Minimal text accompanies each image, and a navigation button facilitates easy exploration.

The payment section posed integration and design challenges due to limitations from third-party software. Despite these constraints, we managed to create a clean and user-friendly interface, allowing users to seamlessly search for and select from a variety of payment options.

On smaller screens, we showcase a set of four products, and this number expands up to four for desktop users. Carefully considering spacing and visual hierarchy, our design ensures users can easily comprehend pricing and other pertinent information tailored to their device.

We crafted a simple and concise footer, ensuring users can easily navigate to different sections of the website after scrolling to the end.

In our About section, we share the visual essence of our physical store and the narrative behind our existence. The text is neatly housed in a bordered box, offering an elegant and organized presentation with ample padding for a clean look.