Envisioning everything a calendar can be

If its not on your calender,

its not gonna happen

Valentina West

33 years old



sales and business lead at walmart.

travels a lot (internationally).

loves to try different cuisines.

Syncs with Valentina's jet-setting life, effortlessly adjusting time zones and effortlessly streamlining her schedule.

Real- time updates

Travel Itinerary integration

Optimized meeting scheduling


To-do list intigration



Push notifications flow

Time zone adaptation

Effortless schedule


These goals act as a filter, allowing me to prioritize tasks and allocate resources effectively toward the most critical outcomes.

Amidst the nuanced ruckus, an endless list of possibilities unfolds. More than calender apps

my focus shifted towards the bigger genre of productivity.

Google Calender

Outlook Calender




Create focus on the most recurring issues to develop an optimal product. creating an action plan to deal with each issue, including identifying the necessary resources and budget the timeframes for completion and review.

Every creation has a philosophy, a process. I used game design principles to curate its features and vision.

Asking the right & relevant question is hard! a couple of youtube videos, article & caffine helped me find my path to truth.

“At time the reminding notifications have helped me be on time.”

“a lot of reminder app do not let me categories my goals.”

“Adding my to-do list to the calender just seems like a lot of task.”

“Understanding timeszones itself is mind boggling.”

“Use calender to mostly join my meetings.”

“No productivity app has ever helped my find time.”

Although my cohort was small and biases were large, a couple of key issues stood out as they reocuured more often than not.

Products die from obesity much rather than from starvation. Anything below 5 is just noise, research & resources reshuffled my focus.

While some flows were reinvinted with my twist, most remain standard coz reddit taught us users hate change!

Cafes & drinks changed as I spent 2 days to concept the app, from sketch to design and design again.


The personality you bring into the UI or visual identity is like the secret sauce — it shapes the vibe and feel in a special way.



Mini Design System

I call it a "mini design system" – a powerful tool to systemize and speed up the design process, ensuring you don't get bogged down by minor decisions.

The unconventional layout conceals a remarkably natural user experience. We tackled the challenge users often encounter —hesitating to use calendars due to the perceived complexity of frequent switches. Our solution? Leveraging the intuitive swipe, ensuring a smooth and effortless user journey.

I've streamlined time zone management. A quick right swipe triggers an overlay for users to easily add a secondary time zone, optimizing space with a compact and scalable design.

Dora - Schedule, Cancel, and Beyond with AI-Powered Natural Language Processing!

Collaborating seamlessly with emails to extract your meeting details.

The Goal Gradient Effect leverages the psychological principle that people intensify their efforts when they sense they are nearing a goal. By showcasing the number of meetings and tasks at the start of the UI, we tap into this effect, creating a visual representation of progress and motivating users to stay engaged as they move closer to completing their daily goals.

To establish a clear visual hierarchy, we rely on fonts and colors to enhance emphasis. Simultaneously, reducing the emphasis on other elements contributes to an improved user experience.

Ask Dora is designed to be the go-to interaction method, prioritizing larger and thumb-friendly touch targets in accordance with Fitts' Law for enhanced usability.

Through designing this project, I've realized the untapped potential in productivity. To explore these realms, delving into the understanding of human motivation is key.

Gratitude to friends who endure my ramblings, aspirations, and more without complaints —thank you for embracing the chaos!